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Area of support: Cultural heritage

Programme: Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage


Operator: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Partnership at programme level: Arts Council Norway

Value of the programme from the EEA Grants: EUR 10 000 000

Purpose and the areas of support
The program will enable the development of contacts in the field of cultural exchange and sharing of a good practice in this area between the Polish and the Donor-States: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The implemented projects will belong to the following thematic areas:

  • artistic and cultural education,
  • cultural heritage,
  • music and stage arts,
  • fine and visual arts.

Within the Programme the following types of activities shall be co-financed:

  • organisation of exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals (including film festivals) and other artistic events,
  • supporting cooperation and exchange of artists  within inter alia visual arts, stage arts, music, photography, film and others;
  • supporting cooperation of artistic schools and universities,
  • collaboration of experts in the field of modern conservation techniques (including digitalisation of cultural goods) ; documentation; protection, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage; combating illegal export and import as well as trade of masterpieces of culture;; national heritage management,
  • inter-institutional cooperation between cultural institutions and archives.

Selection of projects
Two calls for proposals are planned within the programme. Approximately 70% of the allocation (from the amount allocated for implementing projects, including the institutional cooperation) will be allocated for supporting large-scale projects,  30% of the allocation - to support small projects in the field of cultural exchange.

Eligible beneficiaries:

  • national and local government cultural institutions, film institutions,
  • public artistic schools and universities,
  • public universities (in the case of projects implemented by their artistic faculties),
  • state archives,
  • local government units and their associations,
  • non-governmental organisations from the field of culture.

Grant amount and co-financing level
Small projects: grant: EUR 50 000 - EUR 150 000 .
Large-scale projects : grant: EUR 150 000 – EUR 1 000 000.
The level of co-financing is up to 90% of the total eligible project costs.

Partnership at project level
Projects must be implemented in a partnership with entities from the donor countries: Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein.